How do I get there?

Traveling to SDCC is something not a lot of first-time visitors think about (or budget for). There are a lot of ways you can get to San Diego, but your location and budget is going to factor into this a lot. Plan ahead and do your homework, and you'll be in good shape to make … Continue reading How do I get there?


What do I need to pack?

Packing for a con, in my opinion, is a lot like packing for a vacation. This depends a lot on your personal preferences and style choices. My group has a variety of styles and comfort levels, so our packing lists vary from each other. Now, keep in mind, the average temperatures in San Diego in … Continue reading What do I need to pack?

How do hotels work?

Remember that earlier post about how badges work? Hotels are kind of similar. There’s the hotel sale (commonly referred to as “hotelpocalypse”) as well as the the early bird sale. The early bird sale requires you to pay for the full balance of your hotel up front, but guarantees you get the hotel you want. … Continue reading How do hotels work?

How do I get a ticket for SDCC?

Like every convention, there are a limited number of tickets available to anyone interested in the convention. Unlike a lot of the smaller cons, though, SDCC does actually hit their hard cap every year. This means that badges will only be available during the online pre-sales (so no on-site sales will happen, like smaller cons … Continue reading How do I get a ticket for SDCC?