Why is this so expensive?!

Yes, going to a con is going to cost you a pretty penny, just like any good vacation. Hotel, travel fees, and food are all unavoidable expenses, but there are ways you can cut down the amount you’re spending, but still have a great time. We’ve already discussed food[link] and travel[link] tips in previous posts, … Continue reading Why is this so expensive?!

The Everything Else Line

Unless your goal is to enter Hall H, the Everything Else line is where you want to be. There will usually only be a line first thing in the morning (especially Thursday morning), and then after the initial rush you will be able to enter the building by just tapping in at any entrance. The … Continue reading The Everything Else Line

How to WonderCon 2019 (and thoughts from 2018)

2018 Takeaways WonderCon 2018 was a little different from previous WonderCons. Keep in mind that every year you attend a convention, it will change, little by little, for better or worse. It is these changes, however, that keep conventions fresh, interesting, and keep the discussion open of what convention goers want. Unlike years past, Wondercon … Continue reading How to WonderCon 2019 (and thoughts from 2018)