Comic-Con is over! What now?

The end of convention is always bittersweet. If you attended, you’re probably sad to be going home (because conventions are a blast), but you’re also pretty glad not to be walking so much anymore. There’s a few things you can do to help fill that void that the end of the convention has left


As silly as this sounds, a lot of my friends and family members have a hard time unpacking after a convention. To save yourself trouble later on (and your toes in the meantime) make sure to unpack the day after you arrive home. If I want to make sure I unpack, I dump everything on my bed to force myself to tackle the deed. Odds are, you’ve packed a lot of things you use daily, so this will also make your daily routine easier, as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my suitcase sitting out (and subsequently kicked it in the meantime) because I was bummed out that SDCC was done.

Plan for next year

I know it seems a little early to start planning immediately, but it can definitely help with post-con blues. My group usually makes a shared Google Doc where we write down what worked for us this year, what didn’t, and what we’d like to change. We usually do these on the drive (or train ride) home, and if you share your document, you can all make changes and edits to your documents remotely (and track who did what!) A lot of times, these notes are something as simple (and silly) as what we should or shouldn’t buy (I’ve found notes in all caps months afterwards when I work on packing lists) or even what kind of seats we want to book.

Plan another convention trip

There are tons of different conventions of varying sizes throughout the year that you can always attend to get that convention fix. We usually attend a few additional conventions (at a minimum) that are located in our immediate area, as well as trying to fit in at least one other convention that’s out of town. Since I live in Los Angeles, I love going to WonderCon in the spring. WonderCon (or Comic-Con Jr as I affectionately call it) is another convention run by the same people who bring you SDCC. It’s held yearly in Anaheim, CA (yes, just across the street from Disneyland) and brings a lot of similar entertainment options that you’d get in San Diego each year. Smaller conventions like these will give you a “dry run” on cosplay, new shoes, and things you may expect to find at larger conventions, just on a smaller scale. These are also great introductory conventions for people who aren’t sure about going to a larger convention like SDCC due to crowds or inexperience. If you were one of the lucky people to go to SDCC, bring friends and family members who didn’t to see if they’d be interested in going next year (and then you can be their superhero!) And even if you didn’t get to go to SDCC, you can still enjoy a lot of local artists and fans who didn’t have the opportunity to travel to San Diego, but are still available at the cons near you.

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