So how about those Superfans?

Since SDCC brings a ton of big-name stars, you get a lot of  what people call “superfans”. These fans won’t just be in line for (or inside) of Hall H, they will be all around the Gaslamp area. Some groups of fans can definitely cause some traffic jams and more than a little stress in many occasions, so here’s how to be prepared for that.

How do I avoid this? How do I join in?

You can easily figure out where the groups are in a variety of ways. Twitter is an excellent resource to see what’s going on and where. Many fans will tweet to friends, fan groups, and other who are interested in the convention. Facebook groups will also frequently post about where various meetups are happening throughout the convention, but those may require you to join them to see posts. Even just chatting with people in lines or around the convention area, you can find official (or not so official) meetups for certain groups and fandoms. I like to find where the T-rex meet-up is because it’s hilarious to watch 50+ T-rexs running around and being silly.

If you are going to join these groups, please be cool and let people walk through! I’ve been physically assaulted by fans before who think I’m trying to “get in their spot” when I’m trying to walk through to another location. Even after repeatedly asking them nicely to move so I can get through. Just remember to be cool and use the Golden Rule, guys.

Oh my gosh I saw a celebrity! Now what?

I can’t tell you how many celebrities I’ve seen just walking around at the convention. Some of these people are super chill and just want to quietly walk around, checking out the sights and events. Now if you spot someone you want to take a picture of/with them, please be cool. Celebrities are usually more than happy to oblige you if you’re nice about it. Don’t run, don’t scream, just walk up and politely ask. They’re much more likely to go above and beyond if you’re nice to them. If they’re busy doing something, going somewhere, eating food, or with their kids, please understand that they aren’t going to be able to oblige you. Think of it as if you were that celebrity. Would you want people interrupting your dinner? Or stopping you on your way to work while you’re late?

Other celebrities are there to see fans, take pictures, and sign autographs. You’ll very frequently find celebrities trying to sign as many autographs and take as many photos  as possible. These guys are usually dragged off by publicists and assistants before they can finish seeing the entire group. They are usually just as bummed as you are that they didn’t get to stay longer (because what’s cooler, the 12th interview you’ve done today or meeting  awesome, excited fans?) Don’t get mad at the celebrities, though, they are genuinely trying their hardest to see as many people as possible.

I didn’t see the celebrity I was waiting to see! My day is ruined!

No it isn’t. I can’t tell you how bummed I was when I didn’t get into Hall H, or into a really cool offsite event to see a certain celebrity or participate in a certain event. There are thousands of people at the con who, just like you, want to see these things and people. You can’t physically fit all these people in a room together and make everyone happy. In regards to meeting people, again, remember, celebrities at the con are stuck following a strict schedule with lots of people rushing them off to their next job, but there are tons of other things to do at the convention that can make it even more fun.

I always suggest making a “Plan B” to see or do something else that day. Sometimes you’ll find that your “Plan B” was even more fun or resulted in a cooler thing happening to you than your original plan.

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