The Everything Else Line

Unless your goal is to enter Hall H, the Everything Else line is where you want to be. There will usually only be a line first thing in the morning (especially Thursday morning), and then after the initial rush you will be able to enter the building by just tapping in at any entrance.

The Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall is where you’ll probably spend a lot of time. If you’ve ever been to a convention before, you’ll be familiar with the way that the convention hall is split up:

Artist Alley

Artist Alley is a small section usually to the far left (as you’re entering the floor.) This will be filled with artists selling their original art. This can range from small merchandise like stickers and buttons, up through paintings. If you see anything you like, stop in, talk to the artist, they’re always super friendly and can usually offer some really cool customizing if you don’t see exactly what you need.

Small Press

Small press is exactly what it sounds like. These are small printers who make some really amazing comics. There’s a lot of very cool non-Marvel or DC comics that you can find in Small Press that are up-and-coming. Some of these later get picked up by or bought by major labels, so get in on them first and get some cool collectors editions for later.


These are usually general item sales. Not to make that sound boring or lame, but you can find just about everything in this section of the floor. Want to build a lightsaber? Buy a cool, nerdy robe? Or maybe get a nerdy shirt or dress? You’ll find it here. Plushies and costumes and wigs? They’ve got you covered. Need to find a particular toy, card, or vintage comic? You’re in the right spot. This is also where you’ll also find general booths from places like DC, Marvel, Disney, Fox, Nickelodeon, and many, many more. Heck, I’ve even seen a really cool display showing you all the various parts that go into an Xbox One X.

Fan Tables

If you want to join (or are just curious) about the various fandom groups, there are booth for everything from official cosplay groups to building organizations and more. If you’re a big fan from a particular group (or are just looking to find more people in your fandom) this is a great spot to look for it.

Official Photos and Signatures

There are official photo and signing options at every convention. If you are attending SDCC, all of these events are free! You’ll want to check schedules and find out not only when these events are planned, but also when and where the line will begin. These will all be inside the convention center, you’ll just need to figure out which booth or room will be hosting them. There are tons of helpful people around on-site who can direct you to the right locations, as well. If you’re having trouble finding a particular location, feel free to ask volunteers and official employees who will be around for more help once you’re inside.


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