Hall H

So you’ve heard the tales of Hall H, that magical place where all your favorite movie stars show up and tell you all the things you wanted to know about your favorite movie and TV franchises. Hall H isn’t as easy to get into as you’d like to think. If you see something on the schedule that’s going to be in Hall H, you may want to keep some things in mind, as you may need to make some sacrifices to get there.

What is Hall H?

Hall H is the largest hall in the San Diego Convention Center that is dedicated to hosting panels. A large number of major panels will be held there, especially if they’re dealing with popular TV shows or blockbuster movies.

How do I get into Hall H?

Just like the stories about Hall H itself, I’m sure you’ve heard stories of the Hall H line. Most of the generic “SDCC has terrible lines!” stories are actually directly about Hall H. In most cases, Hall H is going to be a long wait, many times over 24 hours. In addition to the regular line, there are usually two other lines for Hall H, the “Tomorrow” line and the “Next Day” line. Keep in mind that unlike other cons, SDCC does not clear the room after each panel.  Many people who get into Hall H stay the entire day unless they leave early to get in line for the next day. On rare, rare occasion, you will be able to walk into Hall H after an exceptionally popular panel has just let out, but this is by no means normal.

How long do I have to wait in line for Hall H?

The short answer is: most of the con. If you want to make sure to get into Hall H to see your favorite show/movie/person, you’re going to need to be very proactive. You’ll want to double-check when the “Next Day” line opens and get in it as soon as possible. From there on out, you wait.

So I’m crazy and I still want to wait, what now?

Get packing. Here’s what I suggest you bring to make yourself a little more comfortable.

You’re going to be sitting outside for a long time, so bring something to sit or sleep on. Many people bring pillows and blankets (don’t take the hotel’s items unless you want to pay a big cleaning upcharge), sleeping bags, travel chairs, and even tents. On the rare occasion that I’ve actually been dedicated enough to brave the Hall H line, I’ve brought a sleeping bag and also a disposable cooler with food and drinks.

Items like dry shampoo and shower/face wipes aren’t a bad idea in case you don’t have time to hit your hotel before getting into the convention center, or even once you leave for an evening event. Extra deodorant and sunblock are also a great thing to bring because it gets warm fast in the morning, and chances are you’ll get stuck in direct sunlight for a bit. If you take regular medication, but don’t feel like bringing the entire medicine cabinet with you, a pill organizer can work like a charm.  It takes up limited space in a backpack and you won’t leave it at the hotel and forget to take it. Many people also split common taken over the counter pills (painkillers, allergy medication, etc.) into travel pill containers that you can get at a drugstore before traveling.


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